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Understanding Bond agents and the Process of Bail Bonds.

Facing the unexpected is all too common as life is not a written script. You will land in jail for being involved in a crime knowingly or otherwise, such situation warrants for efforts to have you released. A judge could set a suspect free before the day the trial proceedings start, this takes place when the judge orders sets bail,this process is known as bail bond. There are companies who have reputations with settling bails and the first step will be to find a company that you can trust to deposit bail. Chances are you may not have the amount of money that a judge has asked for. Like you need a professional to help you with any other aspect of life you need a professional bail agent to help you get out of the situation. If you have been jailed, you will not be able to make countless calls or go looking for professional agents to help you with your bail but that does not mean you will not have one at the same time.

Friends , family or acquaintances are the people to help get you a bail man being that you are jailed. A professional agent will have a license , that’s one way of setting apart the qualified from those who are not. The company will perform a background check on you before taking on the process to settle bail. Among the things that the company will cross check is the kind of crime that you are in for ,if you are employed and the kind of valuable assets that you have with you.

The bail is set during an official gathering where a judge presides over. During a bail hearing, the judge will meet the defendant and based on the verbal plea that the defendant gives , a judge will either issue bail or not . A judge will pay attention to a criminal history if the accused has one , a repeat offender will have a heavy bond imposed on them compared to a first time offender. Different crimes bear different intensities and hence the intensity of the crime plays a major role.

Higher bail is set if a judge happens to think that the accused will fail to return for trial. The defendant has to have some kind of security before bail is posted and it could be jewelry, a deed to land or a written agreement from the family or friends of the defendant. Insurance companies and some banks have come forward to be guarantors but they are cold when it comes to putting their funds up for bail bonding . Bail agents become liable to the court if their client , the defendant , fails to show up for the case hearing.

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