The Holy Grail of Options Trading

One of the most popular movies growing up was Indiana Jones and also the Last Crusade. You may consider this movie that starred Harrison Ford & Sean Connery on a quest to discover the “Holy Grail” prior to bad guys get hold of it.

Towards the conclusion in the movie the villains are trying to distinguish which cup could be the real holy grail among numerous chalices. The problem was, the genuine holy grail wasn’t labeled and if you drank from your wrong cup you would wind up dead. The villain grabs a shiny gold cup and gets into for a long drink, thinking this should be the correct cup determined by appearance, but unfortunately, he would not choose wisely. He ages century in a matter of a few seconds and withers away to ashes.

Indiana Jones, conversely, goes for probably the most modest cup and winds up drinking the lake from the true “Holy Grail”. His reward for choosing wisely is eternal life. In the finish the nice guy wins.

The reason I talk about certainly one of the most popular childhood movies is the fact that since starting The Trading Profit I have taught many thousands of students that this “Holy Grail” of trading is consistency. All options traders seek a strategy that actually works in every market conditions, is not hard to handle, generates reliable income, and produces consistent results. My Put Writer Alert service is meant to meet each one of these needs.
Since launching in October 2015, the tactic has produced over 130 winning trades uninterruptedly, partly due to an exclusive adjustment technique I use to repair losing Options trades.

Astonishingly, we’ve only adjusted about 13% of people trades and all those adjustments have resulted in winners. In fact, these special adjustments have earned additional money compared to credit received in the initial trades!

The most difficult part concerning this incredible winning streak is telling people regarding it who have never heard of us. We immediately get yourself a reaction that teeters between disbelief and shock. Most people believe that it is too good actually was.

When I think of my Put Writer system, it reminds me from the Holy Grail scene from your Indiana Jones movie. The strategy ‘s what so many people are looking for but could be the modest choice which is commonly overlooked. It isn’t a flashy complicated spectacle aiming towards home runs. Nor will it rely on fancy indicators or double top-secret software which a hardly any gain access to. Instead this is a simple strategy targeted at realistic and consistent wins that can be traded in only 20 mins a week.

A common objection to writing Puts is always that the risk/reward ratio is just too small. It is usually the response from traders who are looking for the top great hit strategies that actually work initially, but eliminate their accounts later on. They neglect the power of compounding gains and small consistent wins with time. It’s not only a small oversight…

The smart cash is on consistency when done efficiently, selling Options can deliver that Holy Grail which is essential to succeeding within the long-term. Don’t let the Holy Grail of trading be a waste within you as you are devoted to seeking another shiny goblet. Choose wisely and then all you have to do is dip your cup and drink.

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